Our Goggo Dart

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We purchased the car about 1991 from a deceased estate collection.It was totally stripped and I had to go though a heap of parts to get a complete car. I was first to offer to purchase the dart and therefore could pick a good floor, which had very little rust, only requiring three small patches.

The body had four previous paint jobs and therefore took a lot of rubbing back to the gel coat.

It was then prepared with two pack epoxy undercoat, spray putty and the final coats of acrylic white and red stripe. New parts such as lights,and badges were purchased new from Uwe Staufenberg in Germany, as well as an engine kit and various mechanical parts that were required. In all it took about 2 years to complete, and is very original, except that Iwas unable to get the rubber floor mats and it therefore has carpet. We even installed a newfront windscreen as it is a rear Renault Dauphine window, and you might have noticed that I also have a Dauphine (and plenty of spares).

Just as an aside, the Goggo has travelled the equivalent of several times around the world in a Qantas 767. A friend is a pilot and has flown the 767 with the registration VH-GOG and in the flight deck someone has added the additional "GO" so it now reads VH-GOGGO. There was also now a photograph of our Dart in the flight deck.

This is a shot of the diminutive interior of the Dart with the comprehensive instrument panel - straight out of the sedan. As can be seen, there is a speedo/odo which registers up to 80mph, three warning lights for ignition,turn indicators and high beam. The three switches under the speedo are for lights, side parkinglights (illegal in NSW, Australia) and the windscreen wipers. On the dash at the left and right of the steering wheel are the high/low beam switch, and L/Rturn indicators. The larger knob under the dash at the right of the wheel is the cold start mixture (choke). The car also has a heater which is operated via a small mechanism in the rear firewall which extends a flap into the path of the engine cooling air exhaust. This is quite effective and very simple.The seats are modified sedan seats with a cantilever action that allows them to be raised up and back to allow ease of entry - no doors. Some later model cars did have doors and were probably a retro fit. My original Dart did have a small back seat which could be in place all the time. Our current one has a standard sedan seat which makes it impossible for the seats to slide up and back when it is fitted. A view from the rear.

Hey Dad, we are just towing the boat to the boat ramp!
Nanny, will we really inherit this great toy?
In Canberra (national capital) with the National Art Gallery in the background.
In Canberra (national capital) in front of Old Parliament House. 
NRMA Motorfest in Sydney Australia Day 1999 In Sydney on Australia Day 1996 - Harbour Bridge in background.
In Sydney on Australia Day 1996 - Opera House in background.
In Sydney on Australia Day 1996 - NRMA Motorfest in Macquarie Street.
NRMA Motorfest 2001 - The Dart and the Prinz. Preparing for the crowd.
NRMA Motorfest 2001 - In the convoy.
NRMA Motorfest 2001 - The Darts and the Prinz in front of the historic "Mint" building in Macquarie Street Sydney
NRMA Motorfest 2001 - The Dart  from above.

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