50th Anniversary of Goggomobil - Dingolfing 13 - 16thMay 2005

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1955 was the year that the Goggomobil limousine rolled of the production line at the Glas factory in Dingolfing Bavaria, so 2005 is the 50th anniversary of this diminutive car that captured the hearts of at least 300,000 people worldwide. They still captivate many thousands of collectors worldwide and there has been a surge of restoration projects and many fine restored models are appearing at car shows in Germany and Australia in my experience. There were at least 300 Goggos and 50 other Glas cars in attendance. They are still restorable thanks to the typical German mechanical over-engineering and in Australia, the fibreglas bodies produced by Buckle Motors in Sydney and finally the remanufactured spare parts available from Uwe Staufenberg in Germany.

The event was staged by the Glas Club of Germany and was only as good as it was because of the sponsorship and support provided by Uwe Staufenberg and the BMW Factory in Dingolfing, the hard work of the Glas Club members, the many Goggomobil owners who travelled from all over Europe and last but not least, the people of the town of Dingolfing who turned out for the drive through the town. We were part of a group of 16 who travelled from Australia including the maker of the Australian Goggo and designer of the Dart, Bill Buckle and his wife Alvia. We also met up with 3 enthusiasts from the USA.

The weather was favourable for the event with only a little rain affecting the car drive through the town. Many other activities were available including town walks and factory tours at BMW. We also had two dinners, one the official dinner and the other a 50's Bavarian beer hall style with the "OOMPAH" band, local Bavarian food and beer. The whole display and the dinners were in the Sports stadium where thye cars parked around the dirt race track around the oval and the display and dinners were in the ice skating rink.

The next Goggomobil milestone is the 50th anniversary of Bill Buckle Goggomobil in 2008 - start planning now!!

Enjoy the photos and take any that you like!

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As the number plate shows, this is a 1955 model sedan. Note the single windscreen wiper, different body moulding and suicide doors (like all of the Australian variants). The timeless style of this pretty little car is captivating and this is an excellent restoration of a later model. The van is quite roomy for it's size and the large sliding doors make it an easy accessible roomy utility car. 
 The variant of the van is the utility. Can't imagine how much snow this could push away. Probably good for clearing the driveway. The Australian Dart now residing in Germany, including two Australian indigenous animals.  An extremely well modified variant of the sedan. There are several other different Goggos in this lot.
The Sunday procession through the streets of Dingolfing and then a drive through the original Glas factory for a photo shoot of every car. The Goggo rollers one of which is heading for Australia. The final day and drive to Landschut, the original capital of Bavaria. We went in a Glas 1700 Automatic with a member of the Netherlands Glas club.

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