Internationale Goggomobil Treffen - Lengfurt 2001

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On June 8/10 the Goggomobil club in Germany held an International Goggo meeting for a weekend get together to talk Goggomobils and tour the beutiful Main valley countryside. Friday was the organiser's day to get the camping area and meeting reception set up for the influx of Goggo's on the Saturday morning. The weather could have been better with some light rain on Friday. The Saturday event was an observation drive via an ancient Paper mill in Marktheidenfeld, a Hammerschmiede and a lunch at a local winery and then to Milternberg for sightseeing. That night was the official function, and then Sunday was another drive to Wurzberg and then travel back to home.

There were about 45 Goggos attending the meting, mostly being Coupes. The strange Goggos attending were a Goggo Roller (scooter),  a Dart and a Glas Sports. Other non Goggo cars were the BMW Isetta, several Messersmidts, including two Tigers. The Dart is originally from Sydney and then East Maitland where it was garaged for around 9 years and now is resides in Germany.

The cars varied in condition from immaculate to everyday use cars. No matter what condition, it is great to see these little cars doing what they were meant for. Several were driven from quite a distance. I am not sure if they travelled on the Autobahns or on the main roads. It would be terrifying on the Autobahn travelling at 60 KPH. Most of the cars were powered by the 250CC engines unknown in OZ and really lacking in power for the loads that they carried.

I had the fortune of being conveyed in a Goggo Izzar 700 owned by Bernard. A beutiful original car internally with only mechanical and exterior restoration. The only problem was that it did not sound like a "real" Goggo and the engine is in the front!

Thanks to the organisers of the meeting for 2001, Beate Bosser, Meykel Danecke and Oliver Vogel

Enjoy the photos and take any that you like!

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Waiting at the front gate for the start of the Saturday run. Uwe and Antje checking the BMW Isetta. Goggo Roller
Our "Goggo Girls" waiting for the start of the run. "Breaker one, we've got us a Goggo convoy" The vinyards of the Main Valley
Waiting for the stragglers Footpaths are made for Goggos Uwe and Antje ready for the run - hoping that it does not rain
...and he tows a trailer! Bernard's beutiful T700 Not a Goggo, but a Glas Sports - Italian design - Looks very Lancia - Very nice!

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