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Our Dart and the proud owner (Cathy) and mechanic.

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The day nearly dawned, 6am, as we peaked our heads out of the warmth of the blankets to see the sun just bursting over the horizon. Saturday June 6th and we had promised we would attend the 8am gathering at Brookvale (a northern Sydney suburb) for the 40th Bill Buckle Goggomobil Anniversary. We had to be on the road by 6.30am to make Brookvale by 8am. The journey of about 85 km from Mt Riverview to Brookvale would be about 1.5 hours. We put on coats, gloves, beanies as the temperature was about 10 C and headed off down the M4 motorway to Sydney. At Emu Plains we decided to put the hood up as our ears were cold and the heater, although working, was not warming our ears. Travelling through the city at 7.30 am on schedule we crossed the harbour bridge and continued on up to Brookvale arriving on time at Bill Buckle Toyota. We joined 5 other Goggo’s and lined for a photo shoot.

At 9.30am with Lawrence Jeavons pushing us to leave and make the journey to the overseas passenger ship terminal site we again climbed into the Dart and headed off back to Sydney. What a sight when we drove in, as we have never seen so many Goggo’s in one place. Sixteen in all had made to journey to Sydney. Most of the models of Goggo’s manufactured in Australia were represented; Darts, Sedans, Coupe, Coupe Convertibles and an imported Transporter. The only one missing was the Australian Carry-all. By far the most popular model under restoration is the Australian Dart as it was well represented. These cars had been brought into Sydney for this celebration from NSW, Victoria and Queensland but had been supported by the attendance of other Goggo owners from as far afield as Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Germany.

Wonderful weather, a beautiful venue and great company brought the crowds of tourists a sight they may never see again. Photo upon photo were taken of the cars. So many questions, `Are they really a car? I thought that was a joke just for the Yellow Pages ad., How fast do they go? ( Well this morning on the way in I was travelling at the speed limit on the M4.....100kph) Where’s the engine (oh is that it, thats all!), How old did you say these cars were? What sort of petrol do you use? How do you get in? (Oh I see, over the doors). Even a visitor from Holland said that they had a Goggo back in 1957 and it was great to see one again, and in Australia.

From 10am to 3pm the cars were on display at Sydney Cove and then the trip home to get ready for the Presentation Dinner. The dinner was delicious, the company great and along with the entertainment we spent a wonderful evening meeting and making new friends. With the evening a success we headed home once again. We must have travelled 250-300 km that day, more than half in the Goggo and when we finally arrived home we both fell into bed exhausted.

Sunday June 7th however was another day of celebration and by 9 am we were back at the petrol station filling the Goggo and heading down the M4 to Parramatta Park. Arriving at the Park at 10am we unloaded our belongings, removed the back seat and began what can only be described a great day. We had been seconded to give children from Camp Quality (a support group for kids with cancer and other debilitating diseases) rides in our Goggo’s, and rides we gave them. All day the Goggo’s took passenger after passenger around the park for a ride. Our youngest son arrived to help with the driving and along with our Goggo friends from Germany we drove around the park till 3pm.

This ended the official celebrations and we said our goodbyes to many of our new friends who were heading back to their homes. Our German friends were heading for a long trip up north to Cairns and we probably will not see them until the 50th anniversary where hopefully we may have a lot more restored Goggo’s including our Australian Carryall.

Our drive home was in convoy with another Dart, a sight possibly never seen on this road. We left company at the Penrith turnoff and headed up the mountains for home. The Goggo parked in the carport, unloaded and covered until its next outing.

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