Goggo's around Australia 2002

This is a short pictorial of the first day of the great round Australia run. After receiving my Goggomobil Register journal on Thursday 1st August, I saw that three intrepid Goggo fanatics from Germany were heading off on their 17,000km trip around this large continent in a Coupe (400cc powered) with a trailer, and a Sedan (250cc powered). The three being Bernhard Seiffert, Sabine and Bernhard Bergmann. They left Sydney on Sunday 4th August 2002 heading north and looking to cover around 300km per day. Of course on some of those days there is more than 300km between towns!! even on the black top roads. They also intend to travel around Tasmania, our southern island state, unintentionally left off their map.

Cathy and I organised to help navigate the three from Sydney to Lisarow where the Carswells live as they were putting the three up over the night and showing off their Goggo collection as well as showing a small part of the beautiful NSW central coast. This trip was only around 100km, but it did cover some long steep roads along the Great Dividing Range north of Sydney. They were surprised as they had been told how flat this country is. The trip was a bit slow as the Coupe struggle up some of the hills with the trailer. We departed from David Bergmann's house at 11:45 and navigated the Sydney ring road to the main national highway heading north. I expected it would take nearly three hours to get to Lisarow because of the steep road, but we actually made it in just under 2.5 hours. We bade the travellers farewell at around 4pm and headed back home. They departed Carswell's on the monday morning at 9:45 and were heading for Kempsey. Bernhard S did a small sparkplug cap renew and hopefully the car will perform a bit better.

Enjoy the photos and take any that you want. Click on the small photos for a larger one

Leaving the Bergmann's house. Cathy is trying to confuse them by parking on the wrong side of the road On the correct side of the road and ready to head off. The Goggo convoy on the Princes Highway (Part of Hoghway 1 the National round Australia route)
Not a very common site in Australia The little 250cc sedan was even pushing the Coupe up the hills The last downward run to Lisarow
The first day is over, only another 90 or so to go and many thousands of Kilometres. The intrepid three with Lynne and Eric Carswell. Time for us to head home before it is too cold. Sports car drivers don't use the hood except in rain.

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