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Other Goggos
This is possibly the best Goggo Dart in Australia. Unfortunately it will be kept on a trailer for as long as Eric owns it.

This is a very nice NSU Prinz which was at the Sydney NRMA Motorfest 1999 Some more of the cars on dispaly by the Micro Car and Sccoter Club. the cars displayed with this club were the NSU, a couple of Fiat 500's,two Messerschmidts, a BMW Isetta, and three motor scooters. Two Heinkles and a Lambretta 125

The red dart is that of Howard Knox from Sydney. Howard has become a fanatic Goggomobil collector and has been very active in the Goggomobil fraternity as major organisor of the Sydney Goggomobil 50th anniversary Howard's and our dart just after he completed the task around 1996.
This Dart belongs to Trevor Tracet-Patte from Townsville. I am not sure of the history of this car only that it does have Victorian NumberPlates. It also appears to be one of the versions with a door. Here is the collection that belongs to Denis & Jeanette Landcaster (jeanette@key.net.au) from Coffs harbour in NSW. The Van is a fully imported steel one which probably came from England. Denis, now retired used to own an Auto Electrical service in Coffs Harbour and used the van regularly. It is now refurbished and club registered - see below.
The yellow Dart belongs to Eric Carswell from the Central Coast in NSW. Eric has had to completely rebuild the chassis due to rust and has a really nicely presented car. He also has a green dart and is startingacollection. The green dart is pictured in the photo of the 40th Anniversaryin Melbourne in 1997. The white dart is fitted with a VW rear end and engine.

This is Eric and Lynne Carswell's Goggo Sedan (limosine) that they prepared and ran in the variety Club bash in 1998. they finished the whole event with only minor problems. A broken clutch cable. Not a puncture on the way over some very rough outback Australian roads. Not once did itget caught on a gibber, only a speed hump which did some damage to the steering arm stiffner in the front left wheel.
not found
1997 is the 40th anniversary of the first Goggo registered in Australia and the Melbourne Goggo owners organised a muster on the weekend of the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. unfortunately I was unable to attend as I wasin Melbourne with my Renault at the F1 GP. I can only name the owners offour of the cars. Eric Carswell - the green Dart, Russel Hook - red Dartwith white roof, The van of Denis Landcaster and I think that the sedan belongs to Tom Dysaught of the "Gee-Oh-Gee-Gee-Oh" fame. This Dart originally belonged to Denis Landcaster from Coffs Harbour who sold it to George George Kinscher from Dubbo in 2000.

As from April 2002, this dart is now owned by Shannon's Insurane Brokers and appears in their add for Classic Car Insurance with guess who?? ...Tommy Dysaught -- "Yes the DART". The red colour is now the Shannon's corporate colour - green.
Dennis sedan
Denis van
This is Denis's Sedan from the side
Here is Denis's van now with a new paint job. The sedan and Dart as well as a Coupe in the background. Good to see another Goggo being brought back to life. Hopefully we will get a photo whan it is finished.
Dennis sedan

This is a frontal view of Denis Landcaster's sedan.

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